5 Tips To Make Money With Google Adwords

5 Tips To Make Money With Google Adwords

5 Tips To Make Money With Google Adwords

If you want to make money with Google Adwords without a website, then it is through Google Adwords.

As probably you know with Adwords you can, get gigantic amount of visitors to your website at lightning speed. You do have to pay for it, but if you do it smartly then it will give you more than it costs you.

In this article I have listed 5 easy ways for you to make money with Google Adwords.

How do you earn money with Google Adwords?

First of all you have to understand that Google Adwords is quite complicated if you have never worked with it before but once you get in a bit, that knowledge comes very quickly. Be sure to read the Google Slap and the Quality Score in any case.

I have listed some methods for you:

  • Promote to a salespage on which you offer an item
  • Advertise as an affiliate to someone elses product in exchange for commission
  • Create an opt-in page and do email marketing
  • Do Adwords for others against payment
  • Become an Adwords consultant / coach for companies
  • Advertise to a Salespage

If you have a product yourself, for example an e-book , you can sell it via a sales package. A salespage is a page where you sell your product and where the visitor can do nothing else but buy or leave.
You can advertise directly to such a salespage with Google Adwords. Make sure you measure your conversion rate, otherwise you do not know whether you are profitable or loss-making.

You can improve your results little by little using Splittesten and therefore earn more. In the end it should be that you earn more than 1 euro for every euro you put in Adwords. Then it can also go very fast.

Imagine that in the end you have tested so far that you are doubling every euro you spend in Adwords on the basis of the sales generated from that one euro, then you will double this after 20x :

1. 1 euro
2. 2 euros
3. 4 euros
4. 8 euros
5. 16 euros
6. 32 euros
7. 64 euros
8. 128 euros
9. 256 euros
10. 512 euros
11. 1,024 euros
12. 2,048 euros
13. 4,096 euros
14. 8,192 euros
15. 16.384 euros
16. 32.768 euros
17. 65,536 euros
18. 131,072 euros
19. 262,144 euros
20. 524,288 euros
21. 1,048,576 euros

How do you become rich?

Simple: Learn to double, if you can make 1 euro into 2 euro with Adwords then you can also make1 Euro to a million Euro.

In all honesty this sounds very nice and it will not be easy to get this done, but the theory is correct, it is indeed possible!

Advertising as an Affiliate

If you do not have a product yourself (which is a shame) then you can always use affiliate marketing and become an affiliate of someone else’s product. Simply go to PayPro and look in the product overview for interesting products to promote.

You can, for example, create a page with an article or create customer experience of that product with your affiliate link below it. You can then advertise from Adwords to that page.

After which, you can invest in Adwords, the visitors you get with that go to your website, a percentage of that clicks on your affiliate link, a percentage buys the product that you promote and that gives you money again. Again you can continue testing until it is profitable.

Advertise to an opt-in page

You can also advertise in Adwords to a so – called opt-in page. This way you collect e-mail addresses on a mailing list so that you can then apply e-mail marketing. You can promote products such as yourself or as an affiliate in someone else’s mailing list.

Doing adwords for others

A very different side of getting rich with Google Adwords is to do this for others. Many people do not know how Adwords works, are not good at it, or do not feel like it at all. For those people you can do Adwords in exchange for payment, for example in exchange for a percentage of the sales that you do via Adwords for them.

Adwords Consultant

If you have a lot of knowledge of Google Adwords but do not want to be busy all day, you can always become a consultant or coach of an entrepreneur or a company. Many companies are jumping on Adwords specialists and when you are good at this you can ask high prices in exchange for advice and guidance.

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