Affiliate Model Or AdSense

Affiliate Model Or AdSense

Webmasters earn their money from advertising revenue. Since 2003, it is possible for webmasters to place Google AdSense on their page, so that content related advertisements are automatically shown on their website. An alternative way to make money with google adsense without a website is by placing advertisements based on the affiliate model. AdSense pays per click and in the affiliate model it is based on performance. What is better, here is a comparison.

AdSense – Pay-per-Click
Google has introduced the AdSense program in 2003 and since then Google has been unclear about the percentage paid to webmasters and what part Google owns. What is known is that currently Google gets 28% of its revenue from AdSense. The level of the AdSense revenue is also indirectly paid on the basis of the revenue generated by AdSense. As companies notice that the AdSense ads are delivering results, they will offer more per click.

Affiliate Model
In the affiliate model the webmaster (the affiliate) gets paid according to performance (commission basis). The visitors of the affiliate are followed with the help of a tracker and if they buy something this sale will be linked to the affiliate. It is the most honest form of profit sharing. Affiliates who provide very bad visitors who are not relevant to the products the company offers will receive little payment. This is in contrast to AdSense where every click is worth money.

More Honest
The affiliate model is fairer. If you are a webmaster who writes good content and really wants to offer its visitors value then you will be paid better in the long term in case of affiliate marketing.

Earn Fast
Honestly it lasts for longer time, a big disadvantage of affiliate marketing is that you get paid when a sale is confirmed, so no sooner than that. You should see it as follows, on day 1 of month 1 a visitor clicks on your affiliate advertisement. This visitor goes to the website but buys nothing, 2 weeks later, on day 15, this visitor goes back and buys something now. A sale is usually approved only after the beginning of month 2. From this moment on, it will take a few weeks before payment is made. From sales to payment can thus take two months. So if you want to make quick money you will be better off with AdSense.

AdSense will give a more stable income than the affiliate model will be explained below with a calculation example.
PayPer Click gives webmasters a stable income, with 1,000 pageviews per day and a Click-Through Rate (CTR) of 3% that average 30 clicks per day. Depending on the sector the website is in, a click often results in between $ 0.05 and $ 0.50. For financially oriented websites, the Cost-Per-Click (CPC) can go up to a few dollars per click. If we start from $ 0.25 per click and about 30 clicks per day, the webmaster earns $ 7.50 per day and per month so $ 225.

If the same webmaster works on the basis of the affiliate model, the scenario will look like this. For example, the conversion of the business page that the affiliate refers to has a conversion of 1%. The affiliate receives $ 30 per sale. Based on 30 clicks per day (900 clicks per month) the affiliate will convert about 9 sales. Each sale yields $ 30 which means a monthly income of $ 270.

A natural course, however, looks something like this:
January: 6 sales (à $ 180)
February: 12 sales (à $ 360)
March: 8 sales (à $ 240)

With AdSense, the difference per month will not be as low as 10% on average, which means a bandwidth of $ 200 to $ 250. AdSense will give you a more stable income, but ultimately the opportunities to earn more with the affiliate model are greater.

The earlier in the chain you want to be paid, the more uncertainty you give the advertiser and the more margin this will eventually take. After all, this margin is at the expense of your profit. If you are a webmaster with low quality visitors, it may be more beneficial to use AdSense as you will generate little revenue through the affiliate model. In most cases, however, the affiliate model is preferable to AdSense, you will occasionally need more patience but in the long run you will earn more.

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