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How to Make 200 Dollars in One Day

How to Make 200 Dollars in One Day

There is pretty much written and told about it, making money with the internet. But how to make 200 dollars in one day? There are several options to make money through the internet, but one of the best known ways to make money through the internet is affiliate marketing. But what is that, affiliate marketing?

Affiliate Marketing

Affiliate marketing means that you will sell products from online stores through your own site. There are countless online stores that also have an affiliate program where you can sign up and then put a special personal link on your website. If visitors who click on your site click on such a link, they will be redirected to the relevant web store, and if those visitors then make a purchase in that web shop, you will receive a percentage of that. You can of course also have an e-mail database in which you then create a newsletter with the personal link and send it to all e-mail addresses in your database.

Remuneration Structure

There are several ways you can earn these rewards. there is pay per lead (PPL), pay per sale (PPS), pay per click (PPC) and pay per view (PPV). With pay per view, a fixed amount is paid per 1000 advertisements, and with pay-click, as with Google Adsense, an amount is paid for each click on an advertisement. With pay per lead you get paid when visitors go to the web shop via your site and there take a certain action, this is in most cases a purchase but it may also be that they have to fill in a form. Pay per sale speaks for itself. This means that the visitor who visits the site of the web shop through you site and makes a purchase here or get a percentage of the purchase amount or receive a fixed amount regardless of how high the purchase price is.

Affiliate Programs

Nowadays there are more than enough websites that you can sign up to start with an affiliate program, I will mention below a number of sites that I think are good:

Tradetracker. This site is active in several countries and you can easily register with the different countries and get started internationally.

Daisycon. This is also one of the larger affiliate sites and this site is also one of the several countries and you can also get started internationally.

Web affiliates. On this site you can find more than 350 affiliate programs, I’m sure there is something of your taste.

The Trends

The Affiliate Market is becoming mature. In the beginning, many webshops were still very skeptical about Affiliate programs, but nowadays they can no longer be ignored from our daily lives. One expects a consolidation among affiliates and affiliate sites. The knowledge among the webshops and the affiliate sites is of course also increasing so that there are also better products on the market for the affiliates.

Tips for advertising

It is advisable not to use all the programs that are offered by the affiliate site’s o your website, but instead use only the programs that fit the subject of your site. This will give you much more conversion.

Do not place your entire website full of advertisements, because then the visitors will no longer see the forest through the trees. It is better to place one or two advertisements on your website that also fit well with the subject and earn well on this than a lot of advertisements on the website and little to nothing. Here money is not “more is better” but in general “less is better”
Take it seriously. An advertisement that does not match the subject of your site in general does more harm than good.

This is how to make 200 Dollars in one day!

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