Make Money On The Internet

Make Money On The Internet

Making money on the internet is an idea and a dream for many people who have similar goals like I desperately need money. The internet offers enough possibilities for this. With this website I want to teach people how to make money on the internet in a simple (and preferably free) way. I myself started in 1998 trying to make money on the internet. I quickly found out that there are enough possibilities. I found out how it worked and what I did, purely out of interest and because I liked to sort things out. (Young researcher…) This is also called pioneering.

Affiliate marketing
I started selling services through Affiliates, such as I earned about 15 euros a year. This way of making money is called affiliate marketing.

That is not much, but year after year the income was getting higher. In 2002 I earned this “15 euros” per month. At the moment I am earning an average of 7200 euros net per month (04-5-2016) on the Internet (Reference date 19-10-2014, 4600 per month, 17-7-2013 2800 euros net per month). My starting point is to earn money with a low budget.

All information can be found for free on the internet. I get my knowledge from the NIMA courses, publications, internet and, last but not least, the library. A course at the NIMA costs money, but this was a great addition to my HEAO education.

Free Hosting

In the beginning I used a free homepage and I put my website on it. In 2002 I registered my first domain and from that moment on I started earning more. A free homepage has its advantages, it costs nothing, it’s free because there are advertisements from the company that provides a free homepage. In fact, I generated income for him.

So there was a win / win situation. I made sure that potential customers came to the website, which sometimes clicked on my banner, but also that of the provider. Given the large amount of advertising, I suspect that he earned more than the undersigned.

The provider is a company and a company has made profit as a company objective. Is this fair, yes the provider also ran the business risk. And for me it was very instructive, with this knowledge I could start my own websites.

An important starting point for my activities on the internet, it must be fair and comply with (Dutch) legislation. That is why I am not going to work with companies and people who, in my view, do not meet this criterion. Examples include internet casinos and MLM (multi-level marketing).

Making money on the internet an exciting boy’s book?

Some people consider it a myth, but that is certainly not the case. You can make real money by reading, for example, reading advertising e-mails and visiting websites. This is the simplest way to earn money. You can earn 10 euros per program in a number of months. If you enroll in a number of programs, you can earn about 200 euros extra income in a year’s time. It is safe, reliable and suitable for everyone. Remember, one savings program is paying better than the other.

Handbook making money on the Internet

The purpose of this website is to transfer skills to enable people to make money on the internet. The articles are written in such a way that they function as a handbook for a starting internet entrepreneur or a freelancer. The use of this is of course entirely at your own risk. On this website I show my vision and ideas. I assume low budget, i.e. at the lowest possible cost.

Someone who tries to earn a few euros on the internet is a freelancer.

In addition, I use affiliates on this website to create a win win situation for me. Earning money on the internet is also exciting to do. You explore a marketing strategy and you try it out. In the beginning you will learn that you have to be patient, because sometimes it takes time to start a marketing strategy. And often this does not work either. This is not a disaster, because you can learn from mistakes and failure.

How do I earn money on the internet?

I earn money by creating websites, not just a homepage, but a complete website with relevant information. I do not do this in a day sometimes I am weeks to build a website. I have lost 20 to 28 hours for an average website. Before I write a website I do a (market) study to see whether the website is viable. This means that it will bring me money.

An important source of information is the library, I sometimes have a number of hours there, while I collect material for my future websites or the maintenance of the existing ones. After I have my information (digital and in writing) I will make the structure of the website. When I am done with this, I register a domain and place this website on one of the hosting accounts I have hired.

Then I place the content of the website online, for that I use WordPress. Then I go to the internet via google webmasters. In addition, I do not place a banner of affiliates on this website, depending on the theme of the website, too abundant. I earn my money with affiliates. Webshops deliver too little for me, too much work, maintenance and I do not want to run the business risk for this.

How much money can you earn?
This depends entirely on the person, what his / her knowledge is, learning ability, insight, in short what skills he or she possesses or possesses. How much you earn depends entirely on you. With the creation of websites you can earn quite a bit of money, but you have to have the right skills for this. Not everyone has those skills. You can also develop these skills and most providers provide ready-made programs that you just need to adapt to your needs.

If you have a website you must ensure that it is found on the internet. Finally, you have nothing on a website where no visitors come. In short, you have to become proficient in Internet Marketing or rather I call it online now. Not everyone succeeds in making a lot of money on the internet. Not everyone has the right skills or the right insight or the right knowledge. Knowledge and insight is a precondition for this.

Email savings programs and make money on the internet
With e-mail savings programs it is a way to make money without too much effort. It depends on the number of e-mails you read, how many surveys you take part and the number of savings programs you are a member of. If you want to earn this, you need to register with a number of savings programs.

You can sign up for savings programs and earn money with reading e-mails and visiting websites. Savings programs are internet companies where you can earn money by reading advertising emails. Log in to a savings program such as Euroclix and they will send you advertising emails. As soon as you read this you will receive money for it. If you have saved enough money together you can get that amount into your account.

Is making money on the internet possible for everyone?
Everyone can make money on the internet. But not everyone will earn top amounts on the internet. The fact is that not everyone has the right knowledge, learning ability, application skills and skills to realize this. This is the reason that only a limited number of people succeed as an online entrepreneur.
Making money on the internet may seem easy, but this is not really it. Nothing goes without saying, you have to put a lot of effort into being successful and Money machines really do not exist!

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