How To Open a Shopify Store

How To Open a Shopify Store

How to Open a Shopify Store

Opening an online store can be a difficult process, but places such as Shopify make it easier. If you want to know about how to make money on Shopify then the solution for you is given here. They give you all the tools you need to get started as long as you have products or services. In fact, you could sell within fifteen minutes from start to finish. Learn how to open a shopify store!

Setting Up Shopify

First, setting up an account. Leave the name of your store in mind when you open it, even though you will probably forward a domain name to that address. It makes it easier. All new accounts come with a 30 day free trial so that you have time to set it up and start seeing the sale or it will be worth paying the costs later.

Plans start at $ 30 and go up to $ 700 right now. What level you buy depends on what functions you would like to have. Of course you can always upgrade your account if you discover that you have outgrown the level that you are now.
A basic plan will give you 100 SKUs (for tracking purposes), and about 100 MB of storage space, which is a bit small, so hopefully your site will not be heavy on the photos because they can add up to 8 MB depending on how they were shot and uploaded.

Choose Shopify Template

You then get to choose from a template (look) for your store. They have many options, and with a little know-how, you can adjust the look. Later you can add apps (you knew they would come) to your store. The apps do different things. Some of the apps are free and others are not. If you try to shoestring your store, the free apps for you and add paid ones if your store becomes more profitable.

Your store is now completely finished and alive, but if a customer happens to be at your store right now they would only find a Shopify T-shirt in the product area. You will now have your payment settings, which is typically a PayPal account or Google Checkout account. They have other options too. After completing that, you can now start adding products.

Setting Up Shopify Products

The addition of products is quite straightforward. Name your product, give it a SKU number, add a description and upload a photo. If there is a variety available such as size or color, you can also do it here. Shopify has made it easy to hang up products, but that is very good if you have a lot of products.

Setting Up Shopify Domain

The most technical thing you will do for your store is to set up a domain. They also sell them, for about $ 25. The good part is it automatically integrates the domain name with the store. Otherwise you will need to follow their instructions on how to domain, which, although the instructions were simple enough, my domain provider did not make it easy to forward.

As part of signing up for your Shopify store you will receive a number of Google ad credits. Use them wisely. Look at other examples an example of a good advertisement. You need one that will not only attract people to your site, but ensure that they buy.

The 30 day trial is a good time to really put and see if your products are going to sell. As a stimulant, Shopify has competitions to help you. They give you access to tutorials, success stories, and much more. The competition is strictly based on sales.

Many reputable organizations use Shopify as their platform. The Angry Birds inventors and Amnesty to name a few. You are in good company with your Shopify store.

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